Sunday, January 28, 2007

Adventures in Startupland

ok now that this blog is set up, lets get started. Ravi, my friend and co-founder and I have been having a great time giving birth to an idea which will save the world.(take that with a bucket of salt and if you have a health problem ask Doc Ravi he can help). I wanted to chronicle our adventures so that we could look back and see where we scored or scccrd up ( then why a blog ?, right coming to that) and maybe someone out there might benefit from what we went through / going through.

Cant help romanticizing a bit, but it all started 18 months ago when the dear dr.ravi found a bright idea outside the ear, nose and throat !!! ( as an ENT doc he couldn't find any peering into peoples ears, noses and ! a few things do come to mind on what he might have seen, but will skip for those who have appetites). Anyway, he called to tickle ( now let me get this straight, we are happy friends, not gay) my brains. ( dying to know whats the idea ??????). I happen to be in a profession where I persuade people to buy things they don't need ( can you guess ?). Being Dr.Watson he did need Mr.Holmes to examine the idea for clues of potential $$$$$$$$. By the way my name is Vaasu and I am no Holmes, but home at this moment writing this stuff.

You see I am not exactly a college kid at Stanford ( though I did go to Yale) with a fantastic startup eco system. I am 41 ( The Dr isnt young either, just in case he tries to convince you he is). I have a loving wife, two twin daughters and a job that has no starting and end time. Life at a very large MNC gets quite comfy. I do oversee a large geographic area called APAC for a large MNC. My boss loves me and my clients love me and people I work with love me too ( thinking of a Beatles song ? me too ) So life is nice and tentacles of "dont rock the boat" gradually grow on you and into you. mmmm

Then I saw this train called 'Digital' running straight at me. I could either stand and get run over ( RIP) or run and embrace the train ( mmm lets see, would that be Spiderman 1 or 2 or is that superman ? ). Anyway with a train coming at you at 41, I had to run or my life would be over. And its better to run with a friend than being alone ! right

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