Thursday, March 1, 2007

Vaasu Farewell mail

Names replaced with ???
My Dear Colleagues,

It was indeed a great privilege, to have collaborated with all of you
over the years, primarily on ???.

With the world moving from "command and control" to "connect and
collaborate", we worked very hard and sincerely to evolve the role of
the APAC regional hub from 'Monologue' to 'Dialogue', from a "Do" center to a
"Think" center, and from a being a 'Name on the e-mail list' to
providing 'Active Support'. I know we made progress, but there is more
ground to cover.

With tremendous support from ??? and ???, it's gratifying that our
push for a ??? global campaign has now moved from discussion to
action. There are some very exciting ideas on the table, thanks to
contributions from India and Malaysia and guidance from ???.

On the ??? brand, we have a BIG IDEA from Australia. It's a
compelling candidate ( passed link High-High-High ) for a global
campaign. I have brought this to the attention of ???, our new global
creative leader on ???. But we must continue to push.

I leave the industry a happy man. I couldn't have asked for a better
departure timing.

A very good evaluation from ???, clients that I loved working
with, and a team I cherish : ??? I am especially
pleased to see ??? bloom in her role and I know she will carry the
torch for APAC.

I can't thank ??? enough for his unflinching support, trust and wisdom
over the years.

He has been an incredible boss !

If I haven't told you earlier, I am co-founding a pure play dot com
company that intersects shopping, retail, advertising and media.

We initially start in Singapore, but we do have an eye on the world!

Our Beta launch is scheduled for April 2007, hoping to go live by May

I will send an invitation to each one of you.

My last day at ??? is Feb 28th, 2007. From March 1st you can reach me at

Yesterday was my last day at a career I pursued with passion and dedication. Its difficult to leave when you are still in love, so I leave with mixed feelings. As I was describing to a friend, I feel like transferring from a volvo to a roller-coaster whose twists and turns I cant see. And no seat belt. So it must be fun ! And yes I have the stomach to take it.

I am working from home, so have to be careful with the temptations of family, esp the young beautiful daughters I have. They have half day school. A loving wife, a ready pantry and a easy snooze just a few steps away. I need to watch it. I was told to dress as if I was going to office and maybe even wear a shoe just for the feeling. We have to convert one room to a SOHO. Going to Ikea tomorrow.

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Arun said...

Hey.. All the best.
Keep us updated about your success.